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New Release: SOAR flies on!

Yes, it is time for another major release in the Night Stalkers world!

Feb 2, 2016
Feb 2, 2016

I find this one to be particularly exciting! Why? As odd as it may sound, because it’s a new aircraft. (Uh-huh. Yep, I can hear you say it. Uh-huh. But just bear with me a moment.)

The first four Night Stalkers novels were about the amazing women and the men they deserve who fly the tough DAP Hawk attack helicopter. The next two were about the women who were a perfect fit for the small, independent Little Birds. There have been side series about the White House, the crew on the USS Peleliu helicopter carrier, and even another outfit.


But By Break of Day launches an entirely new sub-series with the introduction of the crew of the massive Chinook. It is one of the largest and definitely one of the toughest aircraft in any military’s inventory. And that is something for the people to match.

Captain Justin Roberts, the pilot of the massive helicotper meets his match in the team’s new Air Mission Commander Captain Kara Moretti, a wound-up, dangerous daughter of a Brooklyn/Italian cop family. And that she would ever fall for a laid back, over-tall Texan cowboy who has his crew singing songs as they fly into battle, makes her more than a little crazy!

Come join the fun of this brand new release!

By Break of Day

By Break of Day

Series: The Night Stalkers, Book 99
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Tag: Novel
Starting the Chinook Trilogy, Captains of the Night Stalkers biggest helicopter and smallest drone have nothing in common, which makes them perfect for each other! More info →


Free Fiction on the 14th: Lightning Strike to the Heart

The Ides of Matt:
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Be sure to come back next month for another new story!

Lightning Strike to the Heart

Lightning Strike to the Heart

Delta Force goes anywhere, anytime. This time they’re skydiving through a storm but nothing prepares them for what happens to their hearts during the passage. More info →


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New Release: a Christmas treat!

There are times when I can’t help myself, and this story was one of them. I had already written Christmas at Peleliu Cove, when another story leaped out of Santa’s sack and said, “Write me next! Write me!”

So, I did, and here it is as a Christmas treat. A new Night Stalkers White House romance novel!

Zachary’s Christmas

Zachary’s Christmas

Vice President Zachary Thomas’ political career thrives. However, his Christmas wish to find the right woman to share it with hits a few icy patches along the way. More info →


We briefly met Vice President Zachary Thomas all the way back in The Night is Mine, Night Stalkers #1. Now he has finally claimed his own love story. 

Melanie Anne Darlington is the older sister of “now” White House Chief of Staff Daniel Drake Darlington III (who found true love in Daniel’s Christmas). Anne joins the Vice President for a Christmas concert in the U.S. Botanic Garden, but once there…

Zachary guided her to a pair of seats at the very back, close by an exit. The Secret Service agents arranged themselves in doorways and stood against the back wall, only Harvey remaining close by—clearly ready to throw himself in front of the Vice President in case there was mad caroler in the crowd.

She could see the effects of the Vice President’s presence propagate slowly forward through the crowd. One head turned, then another. In moments the back half of the audience was glancing their direction, barely watching the concert.

“Zachar—Mr. Vice President?” she asked him softly. All of the attention was unnerving her.

“It’s okay, Anne.”

She’d almost used his name. A heat rose to her cheeks that was partly from the crowd’s attention but partly from her own presumption.

“They’ll get used to it in a moment.”

She didn’t like being looked at so much. But after a few whispered comments between companions, most turned away. Some waved. The Vice President waved back pleasantly, but quickly returned his attention to the concert. More than one of them snapped a photograph.

A photo of the Vice President.

No, of the Vice President and…

“We have to go,” she whispered fiercely and started to rise.

“Why?” he kept her in place by wrapping his other hand over where hers was still tucked inside his elbow.

“They’re taking pictures.”

“They always do,” the Vice President remained perfectly calm, keeping his voice soft enough to not disturb anyone on the other side of the two-seat buffer that the Secret Service was maintaining to all sides.

“They’re taking pictures of us. Don’t you get that?”

“My dear Ms. Darlington, they’ve been doing that since the moment we stepped into the Conservatory.”

“They have? But the media…” How had she not noticed that? Was she so oblivious?

“You mean the social media—ten times faster I assure you, though curiously it is generally kinder. I am single. I have been known to escort beautiful women before, though none quite as startling as you. It will give them something to talk about.”

“The only thing startling about me is how out of my depth I am.”

On the farm she’d have noticed someone pulling out a camera. Visitors to the farm always wanted a photo with one of the Darlingtons, but it was done with a Southern politeness and they almost always asked first. Here there must have been a thousand surreptitious snaps with camera phones. It would be all over DC already. Picked up by the national media by tomorrow and…

“I’m so not ready for this.”