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Today a bunch of bookworms are onto the topic of male romance authors and how did I end up writing romance anyway? Come join us at: Bookworm2Bookworm.

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2 Responses to Blog Tour: Bookworm2Bookworm

  1. Ellen says:

    When you post links to other blogs, it would be helpful if you would link to the actual page of your interview. I clicked on this link, it takes me to the blog’s front page, and I have to scroll to find the one with you in it. The problem gets even worse over time. I don’t always read your blog on the same day you post it.

    I’m glad you gave a short summary of what you are linking to. A few sentences with the link, or an excerpt helps me know whether I’d be interested in clicking to see the rest. If the blog entry here is just a link, I tend to skip over it, especially if it is hard to find the interview on the other blog even if I do click.

    • Matt says:

      Hi Ellen,
      Thanks for nudging me. I knew that my pre-scheduled announcement was pointing to the generic site, but, as I was busy writing, I didn’t go back and reassign to the permanent links. I’ve now done that through-out the blog tour, including the latest at the Portland Examiner.

      Thanks so much for following along.

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